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We are a full-service production company with an emphasis on craftsmanship and artistry.
We can produce videos varying in scope and complexity. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to budget conscious non-profits. Companies hire us to produce high quality, web-based video for social media campaign, product launch, interview, event documentation, business pitch or sizzle reels.

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  • Identify objectives of the project
  • Brainstorm and ideation
  • Provide client with options varying in budget, timeline, and complexity
  • Source existing pieces that can be used as reference / inspiration
  • Define stylistic direction of the video, including location, lighting, set design, color scheme, image layout / texture and editing style
  • Work with the creative team and provide direction within creative guidelines
  • Collaborate with brand strategist and account team
  • Location scouting / rentals
  • Script writing
  • Create storyboard or shot list
  • Hire and manage production crew
  • Pre-production crew communication: define expectations for each crew
  • Collect / purchase / commission props needed for the shoot
  • Define types of talent needed for the shoot
  • Host auditions
  • Cast talent for Lead role and Featured roles
  • Define wardrobe direction for each role
  • Select wardrobe pieces for each role
  • Pre-production talent communication: define expectations for performances
  • Negotiate contract and rate
  • Steadicam operation
  • Field / studio sound recording
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Multi-camera production
  • On-site talent and crew communication and management
  • Manage production schedule
  • Arrange craft services
  • Prop management
  • Reinforce continuity
  • Collect image releases from talent
  • On-site problem solving: issues with prop & wardrobe, schedule delays, securing electrical outlet, access, etc.
  • Video & audio editing
  • Color correction
  • Motion graphics
  • Music direction
  • Green screen compositing
“My creativity thrives whenever I am faced with multiple challenges on set or in the edit room.”
"Give me a reasonable budget and I will show you possibilities you don’t even know existed."

Our Clients




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The Storytellers


Ling Ming Hou

The Producer

Ling was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her BFA of Video/ Filmmaking from SFAI in 2009. She is responsible for all medium-sized production involving casting, multiple locations, set design, wardrobe and prop. She brings her artistic sensibility to any production she foresees. She is the driving force behind high complexity projects from ideation to completion.


Adam Barczak

The Shooter/ Editor

Adam was born and raised in Clarksville, Indiana. He received his BFA of Video/ Filmmaking from SFAI in 2010. He is responsible for the videography, photography and editing of all our projects. He is known for his technological mastery and creative intuition in producing beautiful images. Fast and nimble is his MO, we have yet to meet a client who does not love working with him.


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Ling       Adam

Warehouse 416, 416 26th Street, Oakland, CA 94612


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